Welcome to All Paletti Pallets Ltd. – Wooden Pallets

Our Objective

Wooden pallets are well-known across the North American markets. To deliver products efficiently companies are heavily relying on those load carriers along the whole supply chain. But we don’t want to be a supplier of those “US pallets” only.

Though mainly used in Europe only, the renown Pallet Pool Exchange System that’s been launched over 30 years ago and meanwhile contains more than 450 million Euro pallets, is nowadays Best-Practice and comes with many benefits.

Our objective is to offer and introduce these types of Euro pallets managed by the EPAL pallet pool in Canadian markets as well as to be one of the first suppliers of Euro pallets in Canada.

For transportation of any pallets we rely on different forms of our logistic network: In cooperation with our business contacts we are able to use trucks, trailers and containers within a range of different capacities.

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