North American Pallets

North American pallets are available in different specifications. Apart from a very common 40″x48″ specification we also provide you with 48″x48″ for transportation of drums and 48″x42″ as chemical pallets.

ISPM15 Heat Treatment Standard

According to trade regulations regarding the transport of wooden load carriers across boarders all North American pallets can be delivered heat treated in accordance to International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 – ISPM15. Have a closer look:

ISPM15 Standard.

Load Carrier Overview

Pallet details: Width: 1016mm (40″) Length: 1219mm (48″)
Industry Use: Grocery, many others

Pallet details: Width: 1219mm (48″) Length: 1219mm (48″)
Industry Use: Drums

Pallet details: Width: 1219mm (48″) Length: 1067mm (42″)
Industry Use: Chemical, Beverage